Malala School Project

In the aftermath of Malala tragedy, PHDF and NCHD joined the world community for advancement of girls education. Consequently construction of Malala feeder schools was announced. Under this project NCHD has built 16 feeder schools in various flood affected districts of Pakistan.

Malala Feeder School was an idea to develop a replicable model of a primary school with following salient features:

– Female instructors
– Girls enrollment to be the prime emphasis
– Teacher to be a Community Social Mobilizer
– The venue to be utilized as Community Learning Centre with following interventions:-
– Second Chance for girls between 8 – 12 years
– Innovative classroom with different age groups.
– Adult Literacy Centers in the evening

The building of the Malala Feeder Schools has following features:

– Flood resistant building
– Environment- friendly
– Primary school with at least 2 class rooms, with provision to extend it to 5 rooms
– Boundary wall for safety
– Washroom facility with provision of soakage pit
– Contemporary furniture and teaching aids

The funding for the project was provided by I-Care Foundation and some directors of PHDF. The Project is complete.

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