Establishment of Adult Literacy Centers

The Adult Literacy Program of National Commission for Human Development was started in 2002. It is a key program which has been operational in 134 districts. Since 2002, NCHD has:
• Completed 164,190 Adult Literacy Centers;
• Made about 3.84 million adult learners literate;

The Board of Directors of Pakistan Human Development Fund decided in the 57th Meeting held on April 7, 2016 in Karachi to:
“Vigorously activate the literacy program of NCHD by funding 2000 literacy centers”

The Objectives of the Program are:
• Establishing 2,000 Adult Literacy Centers (ALCs) in all provinces of Pakistan for the age group of 15 to 45 years
• Making 50,000 persons literate, mainly women, in order to contribute to the targeted literacy rate i.e. 90 % by 2025.
• Enhancing the level of understanding of learners towards education of their children.
• Building capacity of 2,000 literacy teachers and 200 supervisors on adult literacy.
• Enhancing capacity of literacy professionals on implementing literacy programs in the country.
• Addressing the lack of awareness and information about the importance of ECO in child development among rural women
• Providing vocational and income generation skills to at least 50% of the learners

The proposed project aims to bring about change in the life of 50,000 females of 25 districts of Pakistan through literacy and life skills.

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