Education is the fundamental right of every human being and the responsibility of the state under clause 25 of constitution of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has committed to provide “Education For All” in minimum possible time but more than 50 million people are still illiterate. Helping government of Pakistan achieve MDGs and EFA goals is the prime objective of PHDF. To achieve this goal PHDF is working closely with NCHD for “Education for All – with a two-pronged approach”:

  • Curbing the annual increase in the illiterate pool-by ensuring all children enroll in schools and prevent drop out before learning to read and write
  • Dealing with the “back-log” of adult illiterates-by implementing literacy programs in communities
  • PHDF believes that every human being has the right to quality education and every government has the responsibility of educating all, especially, the most vulnerable with less access.

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