Contemporary Education in Deeni Madaris of Pakistan

Contemporary Education in Deeni Madaris of Pakistan through Non- Formal Education (NFE) Techniques

PHDF has planned to undertake Non-Formal Education schools in 100 Madaris in all four provinces of Pakistan at a cost of Rs.175 million. Implementation partners will be National Commission for Human Development and concerned ministry will be Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training. Modern education in Madrassas alongside their own curricula. Following point worth the project to be initiated;

i.             The proposed idea of establishment of Schools for contemporary education in Deeni Madaris is a value addition to the Madaris Education.

ii.           The concept of Madrasa School education is to introduce contemporary education in Deeni Madaris allowing student of Deeni Madaris more opportunities in pursuing their continuing education in science and technology. 

iii.          Deeni Madaris have their own buildings for teaching classes, memorizing the Holy Quran, Deeni uloom and have a lot of students with a age bracket of 5-16 years studying religious education. Most of the students are also availing boarding facilities as they belongs to the far flung areas and where they have never ever studied in Government School. 

iv.          The student of Deeni Madaris, after the completion of their contemporary education will be able to enroll themselves in secondary level.

v.            In Madaris matriculate or above qualified teachers are already working and are involved in different activities of Madaris. vi.          The village based Deeni Madaris are widely acceptable to the common people for which they believe as well and help the students in different ways.

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