Battal School Project

The girls’ school in Battal village of Mansehra district that was destroyed in the Earthquake of 2005 was reconstructed in this project.

Earthquake Appeal Bristol , PHDF and NCHD undertook the mission to reconstruct the destroyed girls’ primary school in Battal. Arrangements were made to raise the required funds. Dr. Ahmed Mustafa, the Egyptian artist of very high fame donated 45 pieces of artwork that were auctioned in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Rs.10.45 million was raised for this cause. Total cost of the project was Rs.13.02 million. PHDF contributed the remaining funds for this project.

The construction of Battal school was completed in January 2012. The school is operational since January with 118 students in it. The School consists of 6 class rooms, staff room, hall, kitchen and toilets. Every effort has been made to make it a model school for the area which can to all possible extent bear earthquakes of such intensity in future.

The School was inaugurated by Sardar Shah Jahan Yousaf, Minister of State (Ministry of Education and Training). The inauguration ceremony was held on 8th May, 2012 in the premises of Government Girls’s School, Battal, Mansehra.

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