About Pakistan Human Development Fund

Pakistan Human Development Fund (PHDF) was established for human development interalia in the fields of primary education and health for the benefit of the poor, needy and deserving sections of the society and to provide necessary facilities in order to enable them to gain access to resources for their productive employment. PHDF is registered as a not-for-profit Company under section 42 of Companies Ordinance with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Currently PHDF carries out its activities by extending financial and other support to National Commission for Human Development, which is a body corporate constituted under Government of Pakistan’s Ordinance, 2002. The Board of directors of PHDF comprises reputed successful individuals in various fields and corporate bodies from within and outside Pakistan, who have contributed US $ 100,000 each, a representative of UNDP, and two federal secretaries of Government of Pakistan i.e. Ministries of Finance and Education & Training are ex-officio members. PHDF is a unique public private partnership model established to ensure support and collaboration of private sector philanthropists and Government of Pakistan for human development efforts in Pakistan.

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