• Flood Relief and Rehabilitation 2022

    The monsoon rains in Pakistan continue to create havoc. Initial assessments indicate that at least one-third of the country is underwater, and the financial damage is close to $10 billion, with over 33 million people affected. The current death toll stands at 1136. Rescue operations are underway in the most affected areas with communities being airlifted. The government of Pakistan has requested support from donors and international communities to come forward and support the relief and rescue activities on the ground. Pakistan Human Development Fund (PHDF) along with its executing agency National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) has started the relief and rehabilitation project. 40 disaster-declared districts will be provided with the medicine, food, and non-food essential items. In the second stage, PHDF and NCHD will provide prefabricated houses and washrooms to the affectees. Afterward, construction and repair of the schools and hospitals will be performed in order to bring life back to routine.

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